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XCruiser Updated, Moves To SourceForge
posted by Editor on Monday February 10, @05:35PM
Visual User Interfaces XCruiser is a Linux application that lets users fly through a filesystem in 3D as if it were interplanetary space (see this November 2001 article). XCruiser represents directories as galaxies, files as planets (whose mass is determined by the file size), and symbolic links as wormholes. The program is implemented as a straight X Window System application using only vector graphics, so it does not require a 3D accelerator (it still consumes significant processor resources, though). The code has been updated to Version 0.30, and is now being maintained on SourceForge, where there is also a Flash Demo and some good screenshots.

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    a better gui :) (Score:1)
    by burns210 on Monday February 10, @09:23PM EST (#1)
    (User #388 Info)
    Celestia (News) is a 3d program that lets you fly through our universe very fast. It has high quality graphics and tons and tons of actual stars you can "Visit".

    I wonder if the celestia engine could be used to render a universe realtime. planets, and stars could be used as files and folders. The graphics are awesome. Well, it was just a thought...

    The flash demo (Score:1)
    by steveheath on Tuesday February 11, @04:05AM EST (#2)
    (User #387 Info)
    I'm impressed by the demo. I think it gives quite a good feel of the application. I do however wonder how good the human spacial awareness and memory is wrt remembering where stuff is. This interface might not be as quick as a command-line, it's certainly prettier :).. I wonder if it's as usable. Any articles on usability of UIs like this?
    application (Score:1)
    by tchang on Thursday February 13, @02:29PM EST (#3)
    (User #25 Info)
    Funny that they chose to demo navigation of the /usr/bin/lib directory... Usually when people enter such a directory its with pretty specific purpose. Seems like a 3D system would be more useful on a 'disorderly' mode of browsing - such as going to a video store and feeling your way through movie shelves. ...or bookstore, ... basically anything with shopping... or selection of tools, such as an artist having to choose brushes, color, etc.

    This may also be a good way to browse for files that can fall under *several* categories/directories... Hmmm... structured file browsing. That's a different story altogether, isn't it?:).

    I'm not a robot like you. I don't like having disks crammed into me... unless they're Oreos, and then only in the mouth. -- Fry

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